3 Reasons You Should Use Outdoor Furniture Indoors

When my husband and I first got married and moved into our first home, we didn’t have much furniture and were financially strapped. As I started shopping around, I noticed that I kept on leaning towards outdoor furniture collections. Outdoor furniture for indoor spaces? Although, it was supposed to be a temporary arrangement until we could afford to buy newer furniture, our outdoor furniture soon became the answer to all of our interior decorating needs. Over the years we’ve realized what a perfect solution it was for my big, messy family, I still continue to decorate our inside spaces with outdoor furnishings and accessories.

Here are the 3 Reasons Why We Use Outdoor Furniture Indoors:

More Durable Than Traditional Furniture

Outdoor designs have just as much style as traditional furniture but with added benefits. Besides being super durable, the latest outdoor furniture collections now rival that of the traditional indoor design options. Great looking and designed to stand up to the weather, I figured it was worth a try in the playroom. If outdoor furniture can withstand Mother Nature, than it could withstand my children’s wrath. Not only is it functional, it’s simply beautiful!

SoHo Upholstered Outdoor Furniture Collection
SoHo Upholstered Outdoor Furniture Collection

Outdoor Fabrics Easy to Clean

Outdoor fabric options are made with the latest technology to withstand the outdoor elements with ease. No need to worry about spilled milk, trampoline jumps, sticky hands or the dogs. Outdoor fabrics are easy to clean. Just spray with your desired cleaning solution and wipe. For bigger messes, you can take it outside and hose it off! Take it a step further, and you can even have your chairs reupholstered with the latest outdoor fabrics.

High-Quality & Maintenance Free

Originally created for outdoor use, you can expect it to not only be water-resistant, but fade resistant as well. The quality and technology being used for outdoor furnishings are getting better and better. You can also expect outdoor fabrics to maintain their color and soft feel for years to come. You would never know that our playroom furniture was originally created to adorn the patio. It has easily withstood the family’s activities and is virtually maintenance free.

Tobago Outdoor Furniture Collection
Tobago Outdoor Furniture Collection

I’ve been so happy with my new-found decorating decisions, that I’m constantly sharing my design secret! Consider starting with these 7 outdoor furniture pieces to use indoors as an easy way to upgrade your interior space. Shopping quality outdoor furniture for indoor use was the best investment I’ve made yet. So bring the outdoors inside and try it for yourself!

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