6 Tips to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer Fun

Outdoor Throw Pillows
Patterned Throw Pillows

My favorite season is finally here! Summer is the time to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. You may be ready for fun but is your backyard? If your outdoor space is looking a little drab, then consider a quick makeover. It doesn’t take too much time or money to create a new look that will sizzle!

Easy Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space for the Summer

  1. A Little Pattern Goes a Long Way
  2. Incorporating small doses of patterned prints into your current color scheme creates eye-catching contrast and a pop of style. Choose bright summer colors to set the tone for fun! A few outdoor pillows and an outdoor rug will update your outdoor space and freshen up your outdoor furniture instantly.

  3. Water, Water Everywhere
  4. Who doesn’t love the peaceful sound of a trickling waterfall? The sound and sight of water offers calming qualities to the mind and body. Add an outdoor water feature such as a garden fountain or birdbath to help guests relax while giving your outdoor space a focal point.

    outdoor solar fountain
    Outdoor Solar Fountain
  5. Planters With Purpose
  6. Use outdoor planters to entice your guests into your outdoor space. Establish a border around your outdoor living area or create a transition between the lawn and patio by placing various types of texture, color and height of plants. Enchant your guests to linger outdoors and make them green with envy.

  7. Change Things Up
  8. Freshen up your outdoor space by rearranging your patio furniture and outdoor decorative pieces around. Try to create logical and laid back gathering areas to maximize your outdoor space. Small settings near the bar is ideal for cocktails or appetizers, while your outdoor dining by the grill allows a larger group to sit together and chow down.

    Fifth & Shore Pleasant Bay Dining Sets
    Fifth & Shore Pleasant Bay Teak Collection by Carls Patio
  9. Let There Be Light
  10. You know a party is going well when it lasts well into the night, but make sure you don’t leave your guests in the dark. Outdoor lighting is a must for those long summer nights and should be an integral part of any outdoor space. A beautiful fixture above a table will offer an ample amount of lighting and strategically placed outdoor lanterns can keep guests safe by lighting the way once the sun goes down.

  11. Play It Cool
  12. Summertime is sure to be hot! So be prepared to give your guests a couple of ways to cool down. Even if you have an umbrella to block the sun, the heat will still fill the air. Getting a misting fan will keep everyone cool and comfortable. And when guests are comfortable, they’ll want to stick around.

    Aviator X2 Misting Fan Electric Patio Cooler
    Aviator X2 Misting Fan Electric Patio Cooler

    Updating your outdoor space this summer doesn’t take a lot of effort. With a few changes here and there, your guests will feel like they’re stepping into a tropical retreat.

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