Outdoor Teak Furniture is Worth Every Dollar

Outdoor Teak Furniture is Superior
Fifth & Shore Belmar Teak Collection

Looking for new outdoor furniture? Today, there are so many choices of materials to work with. With so many different options, we often hear the question, “why is teak furniture more expensive?”  Bottom line, teak is high in quality and worth every dollar. The benefits that ensure teak’s beauty and longevity clearly separates itself from other wood furniture. So before you shy away from the higher prices of teak wood, consider the benefits of paying more for a new outdoor teak furniture set.

Benefits of Teak Furniture

  1. Natural Beauty
  2. All woods contain oils that protect the tree but teak possess natural properties that are not found in other woods. The natural oils and rubber that are found in teak remain in the wood even after the wood is processed. This naturally makes teak more weather-resistant than other woods. The natural oils found in teak wood also protect it from dry rot, which tends to set in to older wooden furniture. Other woods require additional treatments and repeated waterproofing, which costs more money, that teak provides naturally. The initial honey brown color of teak morphs into a silvery gray as it weathers over time. The change in color has no bearing on its exceptional durability – or beauty for that matter.

    Sillage Teak Furniture Collection
    Sillage Teak Furniture Collection
  3. Temperature Control
  4. There is good reason that cruise ships and the best resorts tend to go with teak furniture – it is the only wood that does not absorb temperature changes. Your outdoor furniture will never burn in the sun or chill overnight like metals or other woods. Teak furniture will always feel comfortable and ready to be enjoyed.

  5. Longevity & Timeless
  6. Aside from being waterproof, teak will not turn black when it comes in contact with metal. And if properly maintained and kept clean, mold and mildew will not grow on teak wood. A quick rinse with a water hose every few months will do wonders. When left to the outdoor elements, teak wood does not diminish its composition over time. A teak patio set owner can expect their purchase to last for many years, along with its timeless style.

    Fifth & Shore Pleasant Bay Teak Collection
    Fifth & Shore Pleasant Bay Teak Collection

    So when looking for new patio furniture, don’t eliminate teak just because of the price tag. You may pay a bit more up front but you will definitely enjoy the beauty and benefits of this superior material for many years to come. Keep calm and teak on!

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