The Benefits of Using Fire Glass

Benefits of Using Fire Glass

If you have a traditional, wood burning fire place, get rid of it! You ought to know that fire wood, coal and wood substitutes are slowly being phased out and replaced by gas burning pits with fire glass. The health concerns that accompany traditional wood fire pits, breathing the noxious fumes that they produce have lead to greener and grander heating alternatives.

The first time I saw a glass fire pit, I was mesmerized by the intense glow and reflection. There is no comparison for the aesthetic quality of fire glass. It glitters like a pool of diamonds when lite. Warm and vibrant, it really is a functional piece of art. I had no qualms about sitting near the fire because it was so clean. No smokey odor that would linger in my hair all night and it’s also better for the environment!

Fire glass

Clearly, the best part of fire glass is the fact it does not emit smoke, soot or produce ash. Made from tempered glass, fire glass is a practical and economical heating solution since it can be used repeatedly while producing 3x’s the heat of wood! Even with prolonged use, fire glass never loses its shape and never burns out giving you a consistent and even temp heat source. Let’s not forget to mention how easy it is to control the fire. With a turn of a switch, you can easily control when to turn the fire, on or off.

Lloyd Flanders Contempo Curved Sectional

Find your favorite style from a beautiful variety of shapes, colors and sizes. If you go with the smooth and round glass, you’ll get a glossy marble look when set on fire. The rugged, raw version, fire glass will look like lava rocks and while the reflective glass options add additional light dimension. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, the latest gas fire pits are constructed with rust proof outdoor aluminum, wicker and wrought iron so they are durable enough to leave outdoors all year round. Choose a style that compliments your existing outdoor patio furniture or invest in a modern outdoor sectional with matching fire pit. It is a switch worth making. Both you and your guests will love the beauty, durability and health benefits that come with using fire glass in your outdoor decor.

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