Enjoy the Benefits of Dining Al Fresco

Monique Extension Dining Set
Monique Extension 7 Piece Dining Set

I’m a huge fan of outdoor dining, and I don’t just mean eating at local cafes and restaurants. I’m talking about my own backyard on my outdoor dining set whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We’ve all heard the term Al Fresco. The Italian term means ‘in the cool/open air’. Italians don’t actually use the term like Americans do to mean eating outside… in fact, it would probably surprise you that, for Italians, Al Fresco actually refers to spending time in jail. Yikes!

There’s something about dining Al Fresco and being in the open air, feeling the warmth of the sun, taking in that vitamin D and enjoying the beautiful skies above. And now that it’s Spring, I could do this every day… and why shouldn’t I?


Eating is something that we should take our time with, savoring every bite, enjoying every sip and relishing the time with friends and family. These are things that should never be rushed. When dining Al Fresco, one is more at ease and we tend to really take our time, rather than rush through mealtime.

Now that the weather is warmer, I try to head outside during my lunch time at work. Once I get home, I walk in the door and then I head back outside to my patio. Finding time during the work week to relax and unwind is so important. Weekdays are crazy enough with work, school, traffic, and all that chaos. Why not throw a wrench in the daily grind and just chill? Besides, who says weekends are the only time to have a get together and just relax? Change things up and throw a dinner party mid-week. The more people, the merrier, and don’t worry about seating if you have more guests than expected. With an extension table, you can easily make space for everyone by using the middle leaf that conveniently stores under the table.

Sillage Dining Table Set
Sillage Extension Table

So take meal outside this week and dress up your outdoor dining table with fresh flowers, a few outdoor candles and colorful napkins. Enjoy the benefits of dinig Al Fresco today. Life is too short to stay inside!

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