The Health Benefits of Outdoor Living

Some people dread having to set their clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time. I look forward to losing that one hour on Sunday as it’s the prelude to gaining an extra hour of daylight for the next six months. Sure, it takes a little more to get going the first day or so but having that extra hour everyday to be outdoors definitely does the body good. Many studies have been done to prove the health benefits of outdoor living.

health benefits of outdoor living
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How to Reap the Health Benefits of Outdoor Living

Sunbath in Vitamin D
Health benefits of outdoor living are many. Did you know that your body needs its daily dose of vitamin D to aid in bone growth, cell growth, inflammation reduction and immune function? Since it’s hard to get the necessary daily dosage from food alone, most of us get our Vitamin D while soaking up the sun. Although long exposure to sun is known to damage your skin, by carving out 10-20 minutes a day to enjoy the sunshine, your body will get its daily dose of Vitamin D. Just remember to slather on the SPF!

health benefits of outdoor living
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Increase Creativity
If you work from home, you can take your office out to the patio. Thanks to wireless technology and WiFi, it’s easier than ever to take your work outdoors to enjoy the health benefits of outdoor living. Not only will spending time outdoors help you focus, but it will also increase your brain function and creativity. Not surprising as you are literally working and ‘thinking outside the box’. Listen to the background sounds and allow the soft breeze enhance your senses and inspire your creative juices.

Be One With Nature
Spending time in nature is one of the best stress reducers. Being outdoors with the fresh air can alter your mood and instantly increase relaxation. While the smell of fragrant flowers have been proven to decrease stress, plants such as fresh pine can lower depression and anxiety. It’s proven if you put your bare feet on the grass and dirt, it will increase and strengthen your body’s immunity. So go outside and take a deep breathe, it’ll put your mind at ease while strengthening your body.

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Health benefits of being outdoors outweighs being indoors so, I won’t be one of those people complaining about the time change. The more time you decide to spend outdoors, the more your mind and body will thank you. Losing one hour of sleep is a small price to pay for the benefits that come from outdoor living.

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