Host an Annual Easter Party Outdoors

A few years ago, on Easter morning, my kids came running in to tell me that there was a bunny in the backyard. I figured it was one of the cats that roams the neighborhood but they insisted I go look outside. And in fact, peeking out from behind the garden bench was a little black bunny rabbit. That’s strange, don’t you think? A never before seen rabbit showing up on Easter Sunday of all days? So he was named, Sunday the bunny. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen him since that day but each year since then, we hide a chocolate bunny during for the Easter party we throw in our backyard in remembrance of his visit.

Easter Party

We love celebrating with an outdoor Easter party, when we can enjoy the new sights and sounds of the new Spring season. I’ll spend the morning arranging fresh cut flowers while the kids sit outside and create festive table decorations. We always host a big Easter brunch for family and friends out on the patio. Our tradition is, before you take a plate, you write down the name of a fundraiser you would like to support and put it in the giant, decor egg in the middle of the table. Then, you’re allowed to dig in. Platters of fresh breads, tuna and egg salads, cream cheese, quiches, fruit, pasteries, and pasta salads spread out on our long, extension dining table. The outdoor bar is fully stocked with an assortment of refreshments, such as, Prosecco, water and fresh juices.

Colorful Easter Party Table & Chair Set
Spright Kid’s Dining Table and Chairs Set

The adults gather around the outdoor dining table while the children enjoy themselves in their own space. This year, the kids are gathered at a cute and colorful kids’ dining set I have recently purchased for this annual celebration. The kids eat and play while decorating their Peanut Butter Easter Eggs. The wrought iron mesh table top and seats, make it super easy to hose off at the end of the day. So no worries on how messy they get! The little ones love to wheel around the tea cart, pretending to serve the special desserts and chocolate milk sprinkled with mini pastel marshmallows.

Photo Credit: In Good Taste

Just when the kids are loaded up on sugar, we set them loose on the long awaited egg hunt, which includes looking for Sunday the bunny. We move to the outdoor lounge chairs to relax, digest, and wait to see the kids’ findings. Besides getting the first bite, whomever finds the coveted chocolate bunny, gets to pick the name out of the giant, decor egg. Each egg on the hunt, is worth $10 dollars with half of your findings going to the selected fundraiser. They have a great time on the annual egg hunt and it makes us all feel good to give back. Hoping good karma will someday bring Sunday the bunny back for another visit.

Make your Easter an even more special time of year by creating an annual tradition of your own. I can’t think of a better way to welcome Spring then to take the fun outdoors! Hosting an Easter party has become one of our family’s favorite event to throw. Wishing you and your family will enjoy it as much as we do!

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