Keep That Summer Feeling Going Well Into Fall

Summer Feeling Going Well Into Fall
Tobago Collection

Summer has officially ended and the change of season has begun. Even though fall brings with it a beautiful change in scenery and pleasant, less sweat-inducing weather, it’s still hard to say good-bye to that summer feeling.

There’s nothing wrong with saying yes to a perpetual summer, especially when you invest in a few outdoor furniture items that will make you feel like summer never ended… even if the leaves have already started changing color.

Malibu Day Bed
Malibu Day Bed

Get Some Fresh Air

Don’t become a hermit just yet. Head outdoors as much as possible while the weather still permits. Find a shady spot in your outdoor area to catch your z’s. The chic Malibu Day Bed, complete with a canopy, is spacious enough for two; but if you’re expecting company later on, pull apart the four pieces and you’ve got one love seat, two bench style seats and a cocktail ottoman. Savor some down time after dinner by enjoying a glass of wine outside on an over-sized lounge chair with the fire pit to melt your worries away after the long day.

Bellanova Collecion: Swivel Rockers with Fire Pit

Show Your True Colors

Colors have a way of making us feel certain emotions. When you think summer, you think bright, eye-catching and cool. The Siesta 6-piece Curve Sectional comes in a number of vivid colors that will keep you in that sunny, tropical state of mind. Each set includes a round ottoman, three curved sofa units and two wedge side tables. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers to any table for an instant pop of elegance. Plus, they’ll really entice you to stop and smell the flowers!

Siesta Wicker Curve Sectional
Siesta Wicker Curve Sectional a Fifth & Shore Collection

Party Your Way Into Fall

Don’t put that grill away just yet. Grab some corn on the cob, chicken wings and ribs, and fire it up one more time with another ‘summer’ get-together. Light up a few garden torches and put your outdoor lighting to good use if the festivities last past sunset.

Summer is a state of mind. Keep the feeling going well into fall, and even past winter if you so choose, and before you know it, it’ll officially be summer all over again.

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