Let It Glow with Outdoor Lighting Options

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Outdoor Candles Set the Atmosphere on a Sophisticated Patio

After a month of holiday parties, there is one thing that repeatedly caught our attention – the amazing use of lights. Each gathering was wonderfully unique with creative ways to keep that sparkle going all year long. Just as landscaping beautifies the outside your home, outdoor lighting adds to the ambiance and charm. By incorporating lights, from fine finishes to homemade crafts, your patio and backyard can take on a personality of its own. Whichever way you choose to illuminate your outdoor area – electric, solar, or   candles – your lighting decisions make a huge aesthetic difference.

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Outdoor Lanterns

Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas:

Those old school twinkle lights that we love so much provide the ultimate opportunity for creativity. Fill a dark night with simple rows of lights between tree trunks overhead. Try mixing various size lights to form unique shapes and depth. Keep the juices flowing and imagine something more – like a constellation! Assorted size string lights can turn an empty outdoor wall into a magical star sighting. Don’t have the pleasure of seeing real fire flies near you? Fill a hanging outdoor lantern with a strand of twinkle light and bring the illusion to life.

The latest solar lighting options have made it super easy to decorate and upkeep your outdoor space. As they soak up the sun throughout the day, your solar lights will shine all night. With strings of butterfly shaped lights or solar planters, your new lighting decor will take care of itself.

Outdoor lighting candles

If you prefer candles, consider illuminating the pathway with a cluster of fire less candles, grouped with outdoor lanterns. Garden torches also make excellent additions, especially when filled with Citranella to keep bugs away! If you have any reservations with using traditional candles, check out our fireless outdoor candles. Same look but no mess and no worries. We love that. As another year comes to a close, we hope that your love of lights continues to sparkle and be enjoyed by all in the new year ahead. Shine on!

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