7 Outdoor Furniture Pieces You Should Use Indoors

Outdoor Furniture Pieces That Bring the Outdoors In

Outdoor furniture and decor no longer need to stay outside! Outdoor pieces are becoming so stylish and comfortable that people are now bringing it inside. With the latest high-tech fabrics and some of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers are now producing furniture pieces that work in your patio, porch or family room. Style and design used to restrict outdoor furniture but now with variety in material, style and design, it’s hard to distinguish which are meant for indoor or outdoor use. In fact, more and more people are incorporating outdoor furniture pieces into their interior decorating. Outdoor rooms now compete with indoor spaces as the ideal spots to wind down and gather.

Here are 7 stylish outdoor furniture pieces to use indoors.

  1. Upholstered Seating
  2. Carls Patio was right on point when designing this Fifth and Shore’s exclusive outdoor furniture collection. Sit and lounge inside your home with comfortable upholstered seating with modern, clean lines. It’s sure to give you the wow factor! You’ll even forget it was made for the outdoors.

    SoHo Upholstered Outdoor Furniture Collection
    Fifth & Shore – SoHo Upholstered Collection

  3. Lounge Bed
  4. Who doesn’t daydream of having a lounge bed? The Malibu lounge bed is spacious for one, but plenty of room for more! This set includes multiple pieces so it can be used together as one or pulled apart to accommodate more guests at any time.

    Outdoor Furniture Lounge Day Bed
    Fifth & Shore – Malibu Lounge Bed

  5. Extension Bar Table
  6. Need a place to store your wine bottles? Create your own home bar instantly! The Sillage outdoor extension bar table is the ideal outdoor furniture piece to bring into your game room or family room. Don’t be fooled by it’s compact design. This table will extend to accommodate more counter space and shelves to store drinks, glasses, food and more.

    Outdoor Furniture Extension Bar
    Sillage Extension Bar

  7. Modular Sectionals
  8. Sectionals are now the standard for modern design and lounging. Modular sectionals are easy to move and rearrange to your whim. Most sectional also have stand alone pieces that you can use separately, giving you the versatility you need when entertaining for small or large gatherings.

    Outdoor Furniture Modular Sectionals
    Fifth & Shore’s Park Place 10 Pieces Sectional

  9. Outdoor Rugs
  10. Want more life span to your rugs? Not only does using an outdoor rug outlast an indoor rug, but it offers more texture to your interior space. Who says you can’t use outdoor accessories indoors?

    Outdoor Furniture Pieces Rugs
    Outdoor Rugs

  11. Table Top Fireplaces
  12. Warm up any conversation with a table top fireplace. Not only is it sexier to have a glow but it’ll keep you toasty. This small fireplace is sturdy and sleek so don’t worry about moving it. It’s meant to go with the flow.

    Outdoor Furniture Pieces Table Top Fireplaces
    Table Top Fireplaces

  13. Teak Furniture
  14. Get teaky with it! Use teak furniture to add some nature to your indoor decor. Adding natural materials brings the outdoors in creating a more relaxed atmosphere in your home.

    Teak Outdoor Furniture
    Fifth & Shore – Palermo Teak Dining Set

Next time you’re looking to furnish your home, consider expanding your interior decorating needs to include some outdoor furniture pieces. It’s quality and beauty is worth a look! With outdoor furniture this stylish, you’ll never want to leave it outside!

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