Outdoor Seating Ideas for Conversation and Movement


For those who like to relax and entertain outdoors, you know that choosing the perfect outdoor seating is harder than it may seem. Of course, you want everything to look beautiful but functionality and arrangement are the keys to creating an outdoor living space that flows and feels right. As guests mingle and move about, you want to have the perfect outdoor seating options for congregation, conversation and movement.

Outdoor Seating Options for Outdoor Gatherings

Outdoor Rockers

When it’s time to chill out and catch up,rockers can be a fantastic addition! I find that these roomy chairs and constant motion lead to lengthier and more open conversations – perfect for girlfriend gabbing! Simple Adirondack rocking chairs circled around a fire pit creates a relaxed, cozy hangout. Looking for a more formal rocking chair for the patio? Consider a structured, porch rocker with custom fabric cushions for extra luxury and comfort.

Grand Traverse Collection - Wicker Lounge Rocker with Fabric Options
Grand Traverse Collection – Wicker Lounge Rocker with Fabric Options

Outdoor Bar Stools

The first spot that guests usually stop at is the bar. That’s where people stand around and chat it up with the bartender so give your guests good bar stools to hang out on. A swivel bar stool allows for easy movement while waiting for your drink. Twist back and forth in conversation without taking up too much space at the bar. Coming from one who has short legs, a horizontal foot bar to prop your feet on is always appreciated 🙂 If legs are dangling, they are ultimately kicking the front of the bar – or other guests!

Lounge Chairs

Out in the open air you’ll want to consider lounge chairs. Offered in a wide range of movement options, you can glide back and forth, swivel from side to side, or swivel and rock at the same time – whatever fits your fancy. Some lounge chairs also fully recline allowing you to enjoy the sunshine or star gazing.

Bellanova Cushion Collection - High Back Swivel Rocking Lounge Chairs
Bellanova Cushion Collection – High Back Swivel Rocking Lounge Chairs

Seating that moves is ideal for instant calm. Think about rocking a baby to sleep. The continuous movement lulls them into a deep relaxation – and, if you’re lucky, a sound sleep. Well, that movement creates a similar calm for adults. So before you buy stationary outdoor seating, think about how movement can enhance your state of relaxation.

Remember to allow sufficient space around your seating area. With their extended range of motion – either gliding, swiveling, rocking or both – they need to be carefully arranged as not to clip anyone walking by. Plan out what type of seating options will work best in your outdoor living space then decide from the many options of outdoor materials, textiles and colors that will incorporate your personal style. Once you have the perfect seating in place, your outdoor gatherings will be ready for endless hours of outdoor zen.

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