Pamper Mom with an Outdoor Brunch for Mother’s Day

The older I get, the more I realize how amazing my mother is. Besides having more grandchildren, there is nothing that I can ever do that says thank you enough. To show my gratitude this year,  I’ve decided to throw her a beautifully planned outdoor brunch for Mother’s Day. I figure it will be perfect as long as Mom has a relaxing and enjoyable day with her family, making new memories.

How to Make Your Mother’s Day Outdoor Brunch Extra Special

Fresh & Colorful

Mother’s Day is not complete without fresh flowers! Place a bouquet of her favorite flowers into a glass vase in the center of the dining table, surrounded by handwritten name cards. The cards will give the brunch a special and personal touch while making the flowers the table’s focal point.

outdoor brunch fresh flowers
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Time It Right

Start early in the day for cooler temperatures and to avoid frequent afternoon showers. In case it does get too hot, consider having a misting fan available to cool everyone off. Or for a less expensive option, use an over-sized patio umbrella to shade everyone and make their dining experience a much more pleasant one.

Mom’s Favorites

Order food from her favorite restaurant in advance. Did you really think I was going to suggest cooking on Mother’s Day? More importantly, what’s brunch without the bubbly so be sure to stock up the outdoor bar with fresh fruits and wine. I suggest Proseco, an Italian sparkling wine similar to champagne, as it is a sweeter choice. A bowl of strawberries and blueberries for added color and can also double as flavored ice cubes when frozen.


Family Memories

Add a personal touch to your decor. What’s better than remembering the good times? Hang pictures of the family from string lights underneath the umbrella so Mom is showered with wonderful family memories. Don’t forget to take pictures this year so you can display them for next year!

Pamper Her

Once everyone’s finished eating, fill up Mom’s glass and get her relaxed on the chaise lounge. While the guys clean up, the ladies will be enjoying surprise at-home manicures and pedicures. With all Mom does throughout the year, this is the one day she should kick her feet up and bask in her accomplishments.

Fifth & Shore Chaises
Fifth & Shore: Chaises

It doesn’t take much to plan a special outdoor brunch for Mom this Mother’s day. Just make sure you spend the day reminding her how much she means to you. If she’s like mine, I’m sure the bar has been set WAY too high. Show her how grateful you are of all she does for the family by honoring her on this special day.

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