Plan an Outdoor Girls Brunch with Potluck Fun

Outdoor Girls Brunch with Potluck Fun

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal, and on weekends when I can go all out and take my time, I’ll usually treat myself by eating Al Fresco in the early morning sun.

On any given Saturday or Sunday, I’ll usually whip up a few items I don’t normally indulge in during the week: homemade pancakes instead of frozen waffles, cheesy and fluffy scrambled eggs with fresh veggies, a cooling mimosa instead of plain old O.J.

There’s nothing like being able to really take my time in the morning, lounging on my patio furniture in my pajamas with the sounds of nature in the background. A few weekends ago, this AM bliss gave me an idea.

Outdoor Girls Brunch with Potluck Fun

Tired of the usual dinner party, I decided to surprise my friends with an invite to an intimate outdoor girls brunch. Here are a few simple ideas that helped me pull it off:

Make it Potluck
Get everyone involved by making it a potluck, that way you’re not the only one in charge of the menu, and you’ll have time to create the perfect setting for your guests. I sent out a group text, this way we all knew what everyone else was bringing and we wouldn’t end up with the same dish twice.

Create a Layout
Even if you don’t have a large backyard, you can still make it work by getting creative and using your imagination to define your space. Gazebos are great and create a beautifully enclosed area that makes guests feel like they are in a faraway, exotic land. Another idea is a brightly colored umbrella to cover and anchor the outdoor dining area.

Outdoor Girls Brunch with Potluck Fun

Tablescape Setup
Begin with the table itself. In addition to the already enticing assortment of edibles, decide on a color scheme. It’s spring, so let the colors of nature this time of year inspire you. Shades of yellow, green and orange should do the trick. Next, be sure to add a vase full of fresh flowers to the center of your outdoor dining table. My personal favorite: white hydrangeas or yellow lilies. Make it classy with table napkins wrapped with fresh or artificial, silk flowers.

Even though it’s daytime, a few outdoor lanterns near your outdoor dining and entertaining area will help set the mood. Add a couple of elegant planters with bright, beautiful plants or flowers for vertical interest. Don’t forget to hang decor on any surrounding walls. Something so simple will bring the indoors out!

Your girlfriends will feel like VIPs lounging in the chic atmosphere you created while they enjoy that last bit of weekend time before heading back to the real world. Get brunching, invite the girls and head to the backyard, because eating out is so in.

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