Quick & Easy BBQ Grilling Tips

It’s estimated that 37.2 million people will be traveling this weekend to visit with friends and family for Memorial Day. The millions of past and present veterans who have selflessly served our country, will be honored with nationwide festivities like music festivals, parades, and of course, the traditional BBQ to celebrate this American holiday.

In preparation, here are a few BBQ grilling tips to help with your Memorial Day festivities:

Tools of the Trade

You’ll want to be properly prepped with the right tools. First, arm yourself with a set of sturdy, long tongs. They come in handy when you don’t want to touch the meat and for when you don’t want to get too close to the fire. Also, remember to wear an apron. This might not be the fashion statement you were going for but at least you will be ready for the the inevitable. Plus, when the cooking is done and you’ll still look party perfect without a speck of mess. Speaking of messes, aluminum foil is a BBQ must-have. It handy in many ways, from baked potatoes and corn on the cob to keeping food warm or wading up in a ball to clean the grill rack. Take out the large serving plates and don’t forget proper serving pieces – no one likes scooping with small, plastic spoons.

Quick & Easy BBQ Grilling Tips for Memorial Day

Grilling Know How

We’re not even going to debate gas vs. charcoal – all is good. As long as you are buying quality meats, it is sure to be delicious. Preheat the grill for 20 minutes before cooking so it reaches the perfect temperature and brush vegetable oil on both the grill rack and the meat to reduce sticking. Then it’s time to put on that apron and stand your post. This is where having an outdoor kitchen area definitely pays off. You’ve got the counter space, sink, refrigerator and grill, all right there – it’s the ideal setup. Don’t have an outdoor kitchen setup? No worries, just make sure to have a portable serving cart near the grill so everything you need is close by. Want to take your grilling to the next level? Coat the meat in a delicious marinade to add layers of mouth watering flavor. Once you take the meats off the grill, cover with your trusty aluminum foil and let stand for five minutes so the juices in the meat evens out.

Quick & Easy BBQ Grilling Tips for Memorial Day


Line your outdoor dining table with all the usual condiments and toppings. Traditional sides like baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad and grilled vegetables will round out the menu. End the meal on a sweet note by serving all the fruits that are now coming into season. Carve a watermelon into a basket for fresh mixed fruit and berries or warm up your favorite fruit on the grill. Fruit? Yes! Whoever said you couldn’t BBQ fruit never tried grilled peaches – simply irresistible!

Hope you found these grilling tips helpful! With the right tools and a little know how, your Memorial Day barbecue is sure to be a big hit. Be safe and grill on, my friends. Have a great weekend!

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