Tips for a Thanksgiving Feast Outdoors – Gratitude Al Fresco!

Thanksgiving Feast Outdoors – Gratitude Al Fresco!

Time is flying by and I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already around the corner. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday with family flying in from all over the country, it’s the one holiday that we all get together. This year we are expecting even more people to come and join us, so entertaining in our small home is out of the question. Instead we’ve decided to take our Thanksgiving feast outdoors – gratitude al fresco!

Moving Thanksgiving outside may require a bit more planning but with a few changes, al fresco is sure to be fantastic. It’s also a great way to make the most out of the glorious fall weather.

Thanksgiving Feast Outdoors

Keeping Warm
The most important factor with entertaining outdoors in the fall is the weather. Dining under the stars sounds like a wonderful idea but if your guests are cold, the party will end up inside. Depending on where you live, you’ll need some constant heat to warm you and your guests up. With an outdoor heater, your outdoor entertaining and dining will be a cozy experience.

Outdoor Heaters
Outdoor Heaters

Flexible Furniture
Making room for everyone around one, long dining table may be challenging depending on your current outdoor furniture. Luckily with some forethought, I planned my outdoor space to accommodate large gatherings. With an extension dining table, I simply insert two additional table panels and add extra folding chairs, and we’re good to go. You can also put two or more tables together. Just be mindful of the seams between the surfaces when setting glasses and dishes down.

Visibility Factor
Don’t forget to shine some light all your outdoor entertaining space. Illuminate paths and serving stations with stylish pathway lights. Arrange flameless outdoor candles and clusters of antique bronze lanterns on the table as the centerpiece. It will provide a great glow to the Thanksgiving feast all evening long.

Outdoor Lantern
Antique Bronze Outdoor Lantern with LED Candle

Serving Stations
Keep everyone from constantly going in and out of the kitchen by setting up the cocktail station with an outdoor patio bar. Also, make it easier for the young ones to serve themselves by providing a tea cart with their PG rated libations.

New Traditions
Incorporate a new tradition and take advantage of the outdoor living space by planning a gratitude hunt to find pictures of family and other special memories. Gather around and each commit to a pay-it-forward project for the upcoming year. Or make a new stepping stone for the pathway with all the kids’ hand prints.

So go al fresco and make your Thanksgiving feast special this year! Here’s to wishing you and your families, endless love, laughter and gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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