Discover the Benefits of Today’s All-Weather Wicker

Augusta Wicker Collection
Augusta Wicker Collection

Back in the day, wicker furniture was made from only natural fibers such as rattan. Woven in various patterns, wicker furniture was known for its exceptional beauty and design. But that beautiful wicker frame did have a major drawback. It could not withstand extreme heat and water exposure. Now, thanks to textile advancements, resin and vinyl wicker (also known as all-weather wicker) has forever changed the look and life of outdoor patio furniture. Though new wicker is meant to look like natural rattan, it is now made from synthetic materials, most often polyethylene fiber, that offers many advantages to your overall outdoor living experience.

Benefits of Today’s All-Weather Wicker

Here are the main benefits of today’s outdoor wicker:


Unlike natural wicker products that breakdown with the elements and time, these new synthetic fibers are impervious to UV rays, heat, cold, and rain. The synthetic materials are similar to plastic and will not crack or split. This is a major advantage when investing in new outdoor patio furniture. You can expect your all-weather wicker to last for years.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Thank you! Not only does the new all-weather wicker stand up to Mother Nature, it also does not require much effort to upkeep. All it needs is a washcloth and soapy water to keep the fibers clean and beautiful for years to come. Not to mention, the weather resistant outdoor fabrics used for the cushions and pillows are just as easy to maintain.

All-Weather Wicker Benefits

More Design Options

The new synthetic fibers are manufactured in a range of colors that was never possible with the natural rattan wicker. The once traditional medium brown weaves are now available in colors like espresso, honey, grey and black. This allows for a whole new array of decorating options when it comes to your outdoor living space. The grey tone weave of the Augusta Collection perfectly complements the rocks and pavers used in contemporary outdoor landscaping. The many color options offered by Lloyd Flanders Reflections Collection come in unique colors like pewter and mink. With various design styles and new color options, you can decorate to your specific taste.

Lloyd Flanders Reflections Sectional
Lloyd Flanders Reflections Collection – Ivory Frame Sectional

Outdoor patio furniture can now be just as chic as your indoor furniture and thanks to science, it’s superhero strong and durable. Today’s all-weather wicker has definitely come a long way – you should check it out!

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