Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Winter Party


Don’t let winter’s chilly temps keep you from inviting people over and heading outside for a get together. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you need to become a hermit. You can easily create a warm and cozy atmosphere that will allow guests to eat, mingle and actually enjoy being outdoors. And as the host, these tips will keep you from losing your cool.

Hosting an Outdoor Winter Party

Stay Organized

Keep planning simple and organized by arranging your food in different stations. Don’t have a big enough outdoor table for all the food and drinks? Use your other outdoor furniture pieces, such as console tables or side tables for additional table space. Make it easy on yourself by serving finger food favorites that everyone will love to grab.

Cast Aluminum Meridian Collection
Cast Aluminum Meridian Collection

Gather Around

There’s something about fire pits that make people want to gather around them. In addition to keeping your company warm and toasty, fire pits offer a beautiful focal point that make guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Much safer than a bonfire, fire pits are self-contained and off the ground with many table tops varities. Make room for everyone and frame the glowing fire with different kinds of outdoor chairs. Everyone will be comfy and cozy in no time!

Hot Treats

Warm your guests up even more with treats everyone loves on a cold day. Nothing beats a warm mug of hot cocoa topped with mini marshmallows! Don’t stop there. Since you’ve got the fire going and those marshmallows nearby, why not make some no-mess S’mores cones? Everyone will be licking their lips in no time.

S'mores Cones Outdoor Winter Party Treat
Photo Credit: S’mores Cones from Frugal Coupon Living

Homey Additions

Add homey accessories to give your guests another option for staying warm. Store an assortment of blankets, scarves and gloves in an outdoor storage box. This way, guests can quickly add more layers or wrap themselves up.

Light Touches

Using different types of outdoor lighting will create the perfect outdoor winter party ambiance. Strategically place garden torches and outdoor lanterns to define the perimeter of your outdoor entertaining space. Then scatter additional glow with fire-less candles to decorate the rest of the party area.

Lava Mini Table Top Heater
Lava Mini Table Top Heater

Still Chilly?

Don’t let the nip in the air throw you for a loop. Heavy duty outdoor heaters, with a heating radius averaging 5 feet, will do the trick. Whether you prefer the traditional patio heater or the mini table top version, either one will make your guests forget it’s winter.

With these simple hosting tips, you can sit back and enjoy the chill at your outdoor winter party. So head outside and show winter who’s boss by throwing a party like one.

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