Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Patio Furniture From Rain

Spring showers are short and sweet, and if you’re lucky, filled with vibrant rainbows. There’s nothing better than catching those few minutes of brilliant light after a light shower. But as pleasant as these showers are, they are a mere prelude to what is to come. Once summer rolls in, you can count on a daily afternoon monsoon. This is when you’ll run indoors and leave your outdoor patio furniture to survive the tropical wrath.

With this in mind, here are a few ways how you can protect your outdoor patio furniture from the rain:

Outdoor Furniture Cleaners
Fifth & Shore Siesta Teak Collection

Outdoor Patio Furniture Cleaners

Be proactive. The wide range of cleaners and maintenance products that are available will not only keep your furniture looking beautiful but will add protective layers everytime you apply. Teak Shield is an excellent product for teak patio furniture, protecting the porous wood from frequent showers. Look for products that are safe for the environment, manufactured free of solvents and are water-based solutions that will not irritate your skin.

Quality Umbrella with Sunbrella Canopy

Quality Umbrella Canopy & Base

You’ve got to invest in a quality umbrella with Sunbrella canopy. This hi-performance canopy fabric protects against the sun’s UV rays and has the strength to weather the storms. Even better, Sunbrella canopies are removable which makes for easy cleaning and storage. Remember that your umbrella also needs to go into a substantial umbrella base to keep it from falling over and breaking during high winds. Look for umbrella bases that are made of coated aluminum shells and allows for added weight.

Umbrella Base
Sturdy Umbrella Base

Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Protective covers are a simple no-brainer! Easy to use, it can completely drape over your any of your outdoor patio furniture with one swoop. Look for covers that use a durable Rhinoweave™ designed fabric, which is water resistant, breathable, and will not crack or peel. Available in all shapes and sizes, there is even an Easy Track umbrella cover.

Enjoy the beautiful, Spring showers but get your outdoor patio furniture prepared for those late day, summer downpours. You’ve already made an investment in your outdoor living space, now protect it.

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