Deck Out Your Patio With Outdoor Decor

It’s time for the holidays and entertaining with friends and family at home! So don’t let your patio be an orphan! Let every corner of your home be wonderful. Seriously, who is writing this? Obviously, you need the highest quality outdoor furniture but it’s not the only way to have your patio wow the crowd.

Accessorize it! So come on along and check our top designer tips.


You can create and change the mood of your patio furniture with cushions available in great, vibrant colors. Made with Sunbrella® fabric, they’re resistant and stylish. The best part is getting to pair them with great outdoor pillows, which you can change as often as you’d like, allowing you to constantly create new looks. Pull together and define your conversation and dining areas by adding any one of these great outdoor rugs. A quick and simple solution to make your living space ready to entertain.

Patios are meant to be enjoyed both during the day and at night. But how can you enjoy something you do not see? That’s why you need great outdoor lighting to complement the furniture and accents. If you prefer natural lighting, lanterns make great patio accessories providing natural light without disrupting the night. Whether traditional or solar lanterns, they were made to show off. Our collection of Anywhere Garden Torches™ includes stylish decor, light and insect protection all in one with ground and table torches. For a more efficient form of lighting, our LED umbrella lights, candles, and many other illuminating items provide more light for longer periods of time. And with solar lighting, you’ll remove the hassle of connecting electric cords, installation and placement of lighting. Fast and simple with fantastic results.

Take it to another level with a fountain! Always a beautiful addition, but don’t be intimidated! The calming sounds of running water make it a great addition to those times of relaxation and refueling. There are incredibly stylish fountains that you simply plug in! Then there are hammocks. Made for two! Available in a variety of colors and patterns, and made of premium poly quilted cushioned fabric, our two-person hammocks will make you and your family want to lounge outside for hours.

Nothing screams celebration like an outdoor bar. Adding a bar turns any gathering into a party. Available in a variety of styles, outdoor bars were made to entertain. They’re the place where everyone wants to stay and chat. Not just for serving drinks, bars are extremely practical as a buffet when serving meals outdoors so don’t limit your imagination when considering updating your entertaining space.

The longevity of your outdoor decor and furniture doesn’t depend solely on the quality of the item. Without proper care, even the most durable items can deteriorate. This is why caring for your patio furniture is so important and using covers is one way to do that. Regardless of how often you use your patio, covering your outdoor furniture keeps dust and debris away. It allows for rain and sun to hit, without their damaging effects. On the other hand, storage boxes allow you to care for your fabric accessories without the hassles of handling big items. It allows for easy cleanup of your outdoor space and it helps you organize outdoor events in no time.

As you can see, decking out your patio is easy and the options are endless. Simply find something that speaks to your style, personality, and practical needs to take your patio from ho-hum to ho-ho-ho this holiday season!