Backyard Patio Garden Ideas

Backyard Patio Garden Ideas
You can create a green outdoor living space and enhance your backyard with a patio garden. Gardens add an air of tranquility, while providing natural homegrown foods and herbs. Fresh ingredients and knowing where your food comes from is essential for green living. Even if your outdoor living space is limited, there are still ways to grow your own feast!

Patio Garden Ideas

  • Use outdoor planters and pots to keep it compact. Planters and pots limit gardening space so choose tall and/or bush-type vegetable varieties. Tip: Cherry tomatoes are recommended for warmer climates as they mature more quickly and produce in greater quantities than beefsteak or other large tomato varieties. Also choose plants that are not harmful to pets or children. Certain plants are poisonous to your pets if ingested. Also keep away from thorny plants that can cause injury to curious hands.
  • Bamboo supports are an excellent choice as they are sustainable and sturdy. Growing vertically allows you to keep your crops well aerated and maximize your harvest as you reduce the possibility of disease. It also frees up real estate, which is ideal for small outdoor spaces.
  • As long as you have 6-8 hours of sunshine in your outdoor space you can grow a wide variety of crops. The more direct sunlight, the better the plants will perform. Keep it simple by growing low-maintenance crops to minimize headaches.
  • Water frequently! Remember you will need to water your plants more often than those planted directly in the ground.
  • Use decorative columns to define your garden and gathering space. I love using these outdoor columns to add more flair! Be sure you leave enough space for people to move freely. Space columns at least 3 to 4 feet on every side.

Potted Herbs
Adding a vegetable, fruit or herb garden is a functional and healthy addition to any outdoor living space. With a little time and care, you’ll reap the rewards for you and your family. Bon Appetite!

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Photo credit: UCFThoughts via photopin cc