Create a Romantic Evening Outdoors

Malibu Day Bed
Malibu Day Bed

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’ve been thinking of what to do for my love. My thought was to create an unexpected evening just for us! Unfortunately for my him, I am not a big cook but, I sure can plan. This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday so we will spend the day with the kids and then send them off to Grandma’s at night. I’ll be taking advantage of the spectacular weather and with just a few outdoor entertaining ideas, I can create a wonderfully romantic evening for two.

Ideas for a Romantic Evening Outdoors This Valentine’s Day

Lights, Music, Action!
First, to set the mood… Lights create instant ambiance. I love outdoor lighting so for this occasion I wanted to pave the path to dinner. It’s so rare that a hot meal is waiting for him, so I wanted to make it a big reveal. I strategically place small and big clusters of outdoor lanterns along side the stepping stones to lead him to backyard.


Get Close and Personal
Second, I set up a table just for two. I chose an intimate, round bistro set. It’s made out of wrought iron so it can stay outdoors all year round. Then, I’ll break out the never used china and crystal wine glasses. Adding a vase filled with flowers and James Taylor in the background to set the mood.

Lounge Away
After our incredible dinner, we will want to lay back and relax. A quiet evening without having to referee the children is relaxing enough but our outdoor lounge bed with piles of outdoor pillows will be calling us. Then for the finale, I’ll wheel over the serving cart, filled with all his favorite chocolate desserts, and lounge the rest of the night away.

Del Sol Wicker Serving Cart

Ahhh, doesn’t that sound divine? My husband will be wonderfully surprised. Now, I just have to book a caterer!

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