Must-Have Outdoor Accessories to Keep You Cool This Summer

cool outdoor accessories
Pleasant Bay Collection, a Carls Patio exclusive by Fifth and Shore

It’s summer and it’s hot out there. Depending on where you live, it may also be humid, making outdoor living downright unbearable. But why skip outdoor shindigs and events just because of a little heat? All you need are a few outdoor accessories that will keep you and your guests calm, cool and collected.

Cool Outdoor Accessories for the Summer

Outdoor Umbrellas

A great way to keep your company comfortably lounging on your outdoor patio furniture is by popping open the outdoor umbrellas. Aside from looking fabulous in your patio, these convenient canopies provide much needed shade, and with shade comes cooler temps. In addition to keeping us dry during the occasional drizzle or downpour, umbrellas are great for keeping the sun at bay and protecting our skin from harmful rays.

outdoor accessories
11.5′ Octagon Cantilever Umbrella with Valance

There are many different kinds of outdoor umbrellas, so be sure to do your homework. Tilt umbrellas allow you to shift the shade from East in the morning to West late in the afternoon. Plus they feature a crank lift to easily open and close when not in use. Pole umbrellas on the other hand feature a dynamic pulley system for opening and closing. A cantilever umbrella is one of my faves. You can easily switch its position (54 degrees to the left or right) depending on where the sun is, and at 13’ feet, it will cover a pretty large area.

Misting Fans

You’ve probably seen these high-end outdoor accessories at hotels, outdoor restaurants or theme parks. You’ll usually find at least a dozen kids huddled around them trying to find that perfect spot hoping to cool off. Well, misting fans are no longer just for public places, and having one in your backyard is completely feasible, not to mention practical.

outdoor accessories
Aviator X2 Misting Fan Electric Patio Cooler

There are many different styles to choose from, but all have one thing in common: they provide that resort-like atmosphere for your guests while bringing the mercury on the thermometer a few notches down.

The Fantom Atomizer Misting Fan is ideal if your outdoor living area is party central every weekend. It features a 24” blade fan, 3 different speeds, 3 ½ hours of misting time, and up to 30 feet of coverage. And if that wasn’t enough, this amazing misting fan can decrease temperature by up to 30 degrees! That’s huge!

Many misting fans are also suitable for indoor use, cooling an area of up to 150 square feet, perfect for homes and apartments without air conditioning units or central a/c. Some even offer the added feature of functioning as a humidifier to keep the air clean, and if you’re like me and have allergies, these make such a huge difference.

Aviator outdoor accessories
Aviator X2 Misting Fan Electric Patio Cooler

Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying yourself this summer. Just a little planning and a few must-have outdoor accessories will make your outdoor living space the coolest in town.

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