Throwing shade! – Decorating with Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

It’s time to throw major shade! Well, maybe not throw, but definitely share because we’re talking about the best, and maybe the most important piece for your outdoor patios. Yes, we’re talking about outdoor patio umbrellas. They are perfect for more than just shade. Now shade is no joke, but neither is the selection of outdoor patio umbrellas we have in our showrooms. With so much sun to enjoy still, they’re the perfect accessory to your outdoor patio furniture. Here are the ways outdoor patio umbrellas change your space:

Give you the ability to define a space

Just like the right garnish can make a great difference in a cocktail, an outdoor patio umbrella can make all the difference in the look and feel of your patio. It can create direction for the rest of the furniture, set the design and look of your entire outdoors. An outdoor patio umbrella can become the centerpiece of your outdoors, make it pop, and give it a completely different vibe.

Create entertainment groups for guests to congregate around

Whether a formal affair, a family BBQ, or a lazy afternoon with friends, the right accessory to your outdoor space can create the right atmosphere for all of your guests. Enjoying time outside the house is always a good idea during the summer. But that time could be affected by the direct heat. An outdoor umbrella makes the space more pleasant and enjoyable. Your guests will want to stay out longer and may not even want to leave your patio. The problem will no longer be getting people to come over, but getting people to STOP coming over. But that’s the best part, these pieces make your home more inviting, more comfortable, more welcoming. And no host could ever be mad at that.

Fun under the sun or stars!

Outdoor umbrellas are not just great during the day. They are also great at night! Bring out a cup of wine, your favorite finger foods, a book, or a loved one. Enjoy the beautiful space you’ve created. These umbrellas help provide more intimate environments, cover in case of rain and even help feel a cooler environment.

They’re a great way to show off your personality.

The best way to make a space unique is with customization, and there’s no easier way to customize than lighting and accessories. That’s why outdoor patio umbrellas are the perfect way to make your space look unlike any other space, and show off your personality while you’re at it.  With a great selection of styles, materials, and colors, there’s one to fit your personality and space. To make it one of a kind.  Plus, it can help you divvy up your patio for multiple functionalities.

Our great selection of outdoor patio umbrellas is waiting for you to come and give your space the edge it needs to be truly yours. Come into any of our showrooms where one of our specialists is ready to make your idea a reality.