Table Top Fireplaces: Safe, Stylish & Versatile

Anywhere Fireplace™
Anywhere Fireplace™

Who says fireplaces are only for use in log cabins or when temperatures are near freezing? Even if you live in a tropical climate where the lows in winter are in the 70s, you can still find comfort in the soothing warmth and the beautiful glow of dancing flames. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to have a professional install a fireplace. In this day and age of convenience, having a fireplace as part of your home décor doesn’t require much work or money.

This brings me to the Anywhere Fireplace. I’m so impressed this new outdoor/indoor accessory. Just as the name implies, it’s a table top fireplace that you can place anywhere you like. Doesn’t get much simpler than that, huh? The Anywhere Fireplace is not only stylish, but the best part is it actually works like a real fireplace without the hassle. And if you think that’s great, I’m just getting warm. No pun intended.

Manhattan High Gloss Grey Fireplace
Manhattan High Gloss Grey Fireplace

Benefits of the Anywhere Fireplace

  • Easy to Use…No Pro Needed
  • Table top fireplaces require no installation. Once you bring it home, place it anywhere you like: on your coffee table in the living room, on the floor in your home library or by the pool next to your outdoor dining set. It will warm up to 375 square feet of space without the need for any kind of gas or electricity to get it going, making it easy and safe to use.

  • Environmentally Safe
  • Another bonus? The Anywhere Fireplace is eco-friendly, which is a huge plus, especially if you’re like me and trying to be as green as possible. Unlike traditional, wood burning fireplaces, the table top fireplace doesn’t require the back breaking work of chopping wood and carrying it to and fro. It burns bio-ethanol liquid fuel that is odorless, smokeless and non-toxic, so you can feel safe about using it in and outside of your home. The result? No ash and no pollution.

  • Stylish
  • With the abundance of styles and colors available, you are sure to find the perfect match to complement your indoor or outdoor furniture set, regardless of your personal style or color palette.

  • Versatile
  • Table top fireplaces aren’t just for indoor use like traditional fireplaces. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor family gatherings that go into the late evening hours. These travel-size fireplaces are lightweight and easy to move, making them completely portable.

    Table top fireplaces will create that warm, soothing ambiance that everyone will want to gather around during your next get-together. In fact, I don’t think your guests will want to be anywhere else!

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