6 Ways to Create a Bohemian Backyard

Spring is faintly breezing through the air, warming up the last wisps of winter and setting the scene for outdoor entertaining. A great way to ensure you and your guests stay cozy in your backyard is to update your outdoor space. Embrace the latest Bohemian trend that’s taking over fashion and interior design. From mix and match textures to statement seating, you can make easy upgrades to create your own Bohemian backyard.

6 Ideas for an Outdoor Bohemian Backyard Getaway

1. Lay a Foundation

Start with a geometric rug to define your space and color palette. From there, you can build up – choosing the right accessories that complement your theme. Bohemian décor includes bright colors and patterns so if you already have your main pieces, just add outdoor accessories that will do the trick.

Bohemian backyard geometric rugs
Start with Color in Outdoor Rugs

2. It’s All About Comfort

When it comes to a Bohemian, think organic, informal and comfort. Choose outdoor furniture made of natural materials such as wicker or teak – the warm woods will help your guests relax and enjoy the conversations.

3. The More, the Merrier

Choose outdoor throw pillows in different sizes, materials, colors and patterns. Keep in mind they don’t need to match each other, just toss them on your outdoor seating area and they’ll tie your Bohemian look together.

Bohemian Backyard Pillows by Haberdashery
Outdoor Throw Pillows by Haberdashery

4. Fill in the Gaps

Once your seating area is arranged to your liking, fill in your entertaining space with stools or side tables so guests can have a place to set their drinks and food. Consider adding decorative pieces such as plants or lanterns to create even more interest.

5. Fire It Up

No Bohemian backyard is complete without the right ambiance. Create a warm glow with an outdoor fireplace, table top torch, or fire pit. Then kick it up a notch and add some bling to your fire with fire glass.

Bohemian Backyard Fire Pits
Fire It Up with Fire Glass

6. Look Up for Lighting

A few strands of outdoor lighting will make any outdoor space romantic and conducive to evening al fresco. Decorate using solar string lights as they’re ideal for decorating shrubs, umbrellas and doorways. Powered by the sun these lights automatically illuminate and lasts for hours.

With these easy decorating tips, you’ll have the ultimate Bohemian backyard you’ve been longing for! Whether you want your entire backyard updated or just need a few accessories, you’ll find everything you need for your outdoor decorating needs at Carls Patio. Visit a local Carls Patio showroom today and “Create your Best Moments on the Patio”.

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